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Media Marketing
Professional Media

With an emphasis on high quality, cost-effective commercials, industry leading branding techniques and a unified approach to the message of your firm, PMP provides the direction and platform that your firm needs to reach your primary target audience.

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Advertising Solutions

PMP can help to transform your law firm into a law business. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve and become more competitive, we can help to provide solutions that enable your team members to focus on their core responsibilities.

Digital Marketing
Lead Generating
Digital Marketing

PMP attorney internet marketing experts generate online presence, consistent leads, and a platform for client conversion. With each facet of PMP's digital division founded on strategy, we are able to translate real data into actionable marketing methods.

PMP 2014 Awards


PMP has once again been recognized for excellence within the marketing and advertising industry with three Summit International Awards and a fourth from The Communicator Awards. We are honored to receive distinctions from some of the most prestigious organizations in our field!

Lawyer Advertising Services

PMP Marketing - Legal Marketing Made Perfect

With an inside knowledge of the art of law, PMP was created with the sole intention of providing uncompromising, comprehensive marketing solutions for law firms worldwide.

The team of marketing professionals at PMP combines decades of senior level advertising experience with the determination to deliver your firm the exposure it needs to gain visibility and take your brand to the next level. We get to know our clients and their needs to customize a multi-layered media strategy to help them get the cases they want.

We provide an all-encompassing range of media options, including:

…In addition to bi-lingual campaigns as required.

How It Works

Following a detailed analysis of your firm's current marketing strategy, we begin to construct a custom-tailored advertising platform that is designed to be fluid to suit the changing demands of your firm while attracting prospective clients.

With our detailed level of experience in all areas of personal injury law, we are able to supplement various segments of your advertising campaign with a range of packages that can quickly target specific niche markets with conversion solutions, which can include:

…by adding services that may consist of pay-per-click advertising, mass-media broadcasts through press release networks and optimized social media marketing - all within extremely short periods of time.

Through the use of smart web applications, our attorney websites provide an overview of the law firms' fundamental methods while keeping conversion goals at the forefront. PMP consultant services propel internal strategy forward using advanced internet lawyer marketing tools.

Whether you are new to law firm marketing, or a seasoned veteran, discover the confidence that comes with access to proven lead generating tools and resources from an experienced team of legal marketing professionals, and the knowledge to make things work for you.

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Firm Management Made Perfect

For more than 15 years, PMP Marketing Group has been working with personal injury law firms around the U.S., helping them to gain visibility and designing strategies that fit their needs.

With decades of combined experience, the marketing strategies we employ are market tested and have proven to be a genuine blueprint to the path of prosperity in the legal industry. We provide firms with organizational models, client surveys, intake analysis and analysis of website inquiries from potential clients.

When law firms take advantage of the blueprint, they see a quick transformation in the operation of their firm and its productivity. We are committed to helping steer our clients in the right direction so they can make the practical decisions to best benefit their firms.

How PMP's Model Can Help You

We are dedicated to helping your firm grow and expand your base of clients, helping to transform your firm into an efficient business.

Our highly regarded annual client retreat also provides a networking platform for attorneys that is unparalleled in our industry, giving them access to the inner-workings of a highly-successful practice. At PMP we can help to transform your law firm, into a law BUSINESS.

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Phone: 1 (561) 296-5678

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